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Secure Professional Chat

Your AIRIX partner pharmacists are highly trained health professionals.

Don’t hesitate to use the dedicated in-app messaging platform to chat privately with your pharmacist about any health concerns.

Communications are encrypted and sent to the pharmacy team.

Over the Counter Medication & Supplements

Your AIRIX partner pharmacy offers a selection of quality over the counter medication, natural health products, supplements, and vitamins and minerals at very competitive prices.

Check with your pharmacist to determine which products are best suited to your situation and to obtain prescriptions covered by your insurance.

Medication Management

For certain conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, your pharmacist can adjust your medication and dosage by adapting your doctor's prescription to help you reach your treatment targets more effectively.

See your pharmacist for more information.

Prescription Extensions

Can't get an appointment with your doctor in time? Our partner pharmacists can FREE OF CHARGE extend your prescription refills so you don’t have to worry about interrupting your treatment in between follow-ups with your physician.

Consult our partner pharmacists for details and modalities.

Prescriptions for Minor Ailments

Avoid waiting hours at the clinic. Our partner pharmacists can FREE OF CHARGE make recommendations and even write you a prescription in certain cases: acne, treatment for lice, cold sores (cold sores), eczema (atopic dermatitis), hemorrhoids, urinary tract infection in women, yeast vaginitis, rhinitis allergic and others.

Consult our partner pharmacists for details and modalities.

Travel Clinic

Avoid travel-related ailments such as traveler’s diarrhea, malaria, or mountain sickness.

Your pharmacist can advise you on preventative measures, can prescribe you necessary medicines.

Our partner nurses can also review your vaccination record and know that our partner pharmacies keep all current vaccines in stock.

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