Pill organizers

Taking medication incorrectly can be dangerous for your health, pill organizers are great ways to make sure you take your medication safely. Pharmacis are responsibles to fill them approperly.

In order to help you take medication regularly, pill organizers have several boxes corresponding to every day of the week and part of day (morning, noon, evening and bedtime). If the task of filling your pill organizer bothers you, you can ask one of our partner pharmacists to fill it for you every week. For many patients, the preparation of medications in pill organizers by the pharmacist makes it easier for them to adhere to their treatment, especially when it comes to complex drug therapy. The re are many benefits of using pill organizers.

Consultations with a
healthcare expert

Searching the internet for answers can lead to only more confusion, and it’s not always easy getting a hold of your doctor.

So feel free to give our partner health professionals a call or chat with them on our mobile messaging platform and start a consultation with one of our partner pharmacists.

Hand-delivered to you, for free

Your drugs are packaged in an inconspicuous package to protect your privacy. Medication that require refrigeration are separately packaged to ensure temperature stability.

Going the extra mile

Our partner pharmacies offer checking in to see how the treatment is going along. Regular follow-ups for side effects. Collaborating with your nurse and doctor to adjust your treatment according to your latest results.