Registration and download of the AIRIX application Free of charge

Lower Drug Costs and Insurance Premiums

An Eco Responsible Choice by optimizing your environmental footprint

3-month service

Our partner pharmacies prepare your medications every 3 months instead of just one month at the time, according to the pharmacist's therapeutic judgment.

This can save you on dispensing fees, which has a direct impact on the premiums you and your employer pay.

It's also eco-responsible by minimizing deliveries over a year!

Generic medications

Our partner pharmacies offer generic drugs, according to the pharmacist's therapeutic judgment and your preference.

This can save you on drug costs, which has a direct impact on the premiums you and your employer pay.

It also promotes buy local initiatives. Partner pharmacies try to select Quebecois or Canadian medication suppliers.

Free delivery

Deliveries sent by our partner pharmacies are optimized and free of charge.

Our partner pharmacies choose eco-responsible products, from vials to packaging.

Our partner pharmacies also select a transport provider that reduces its carbon footprint through various initiatives:


Direct communication

Reduce absenteeism at work with direct and fast access to healthcare professionals through our secure platform.

Our professional partners will be happy to answer your questions the way you want: by chat, by video teleconsultation or by phone.

All in complete security and confidentiality.

All the information you need in one place

Read clear dosage instructions. Zoom-in on a capsule. Search your order history. Stay informed and up to date.

We know that successful treatment outcomes rest on compliance, and that's why AIRIX partner pharmacies:

1) Provide a hassle-free refill experience.

2) Find the most cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

3) Allows for easy order and refill tracking.

4) Always improve day by day to include new features and functionality requested by patients, caregivers, prescribers and pharmacists alike.

Airix is made to care

Our company is almost 100% paperless.

Plastics used for medication conditioning by our partner pharmacies are 100% recyclable.

Behind every decision we make, we aim to reduce healthcare waste.

Taking care of our planet also means taking care of your health.