Do You Ever Forget to Take Your Medication?

Do you ever ask yourself: "Have I taken my meds this morning?" If so, this is for you.


Do you ever ask yourself: "Have I taken my meds this morning?" If so, this is for you.

Perhaps you forget to take your medication because you:
  • have to take your medication(s) several times a day.
  • have to take your medication(s) at a time of day that does not fit in with your lifestyle.
  • have an illness with few symptoms.
  • are undergoing extended treatment (and let's face it, taking medication over a long period of time can get pretty boring!).
  • have to take a medication with effects that are not noticeable.
  • have difficulty swallowing the medication or an inability to use the product or the device (e.g., syringe)that is needed to administer it.
  • don't feel like it because you don't really understand either why you have to take the medication or the seriousness of the illness.

Whatever the reason for being "forgetful" about taking your medication, here are a few tips and tools to help you remember:
  • Always take your medication at the same time of day.
  • Time the taking of your medication with a specific activity that you do every day, for example, when brushing your teeth.
  • Unless otherwise specified by your doctor or pharmacist, take your medication at a time that best suits you.
  • Keep your medication in a strategic, easily accessible place.
  • Make a note in your agenda or on a calendar every time you take your medication.
  • Post reminders around your home.
  • Use a pill box (they come in various sizes).
  • Use a pill wheel, which will help you keep track of whether you have taken your medication.
  • Use an alarm (for example, set your watch to remind you with a buzz or use an ALRTTM MedicationReminder).

Not taking your medication as prescribed by your doctor can cause serious problems. If in doubt or confused about your treatment, talk to your pharmacist and ask for clarification.

Don't forget: Your pharmacist is there to answer your health-related questions and help you follow the prescribed treatment plan.